As Secretary General of APMF, I am inspired by the professionalism, creativity, dedication, and collaborative spirit of our IT Committee for their efforts to launch this important web portal projecting the information not only related to APMF but the whole Memon community. I would like to express my appreciation on this occasion to admire the determinations of my fellow cabinet members who all are working in their fields with zeal and painstaking.

The purpose of launching this web portal is to showcase the achievements of APMF. There are so much achievements have been done but a lot more have to executed to provide a prosperous and brighter future of our community in particular as well as for the nation. For this purpose your enlighten guidance is the thump rule for us always. There are so many projects are in planning phase and some are initiated but finance is a gigantic obstacle.

Taking this opportunity, I appeal to whole Memon community to be a helping hand in our projects which are obviously for the betterment of all segments of Memon community without any discrimination. Your contributions can help us to have more projects not only for destitute segment of our community but beneficial for masses as well.
On this occasion I also pray to Al-Mighty Allah to forgive our inaccuracies and grant His mugfirut to APMF elders who have provide us a platform to work collectively for the furtherance of the Memon community.

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