All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Housing Board MEMBERS

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Mr. Arif Siddik Banani
Vice Chairman
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Mr. Shahzad Sorathia

All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Housing Board

Vision / Mission Statement of APMF Housing Board

APMF Education Board is serving for the betterment & improvement of Education in Memon Community and provide Educational Support & Guidance to Memon Students for their career growth.

Mandate of APMF Housing Board

  • Promote Education Particularly Higher Education within the Memon community from the Platform of APMF.
  • Engage Educational Institutions, such as Colleges, Universities and Business Schools for discounts in Fees and Scholarship on merit.
  • Arrange Seminars of career counselling and academic grooming of students.
  • Develop awareness for CSS program in Memon Community and conduct awareness programs for said discipline. Also support needy students for CSS certification.
  • Promote skill based and vocational trainings within community.

Performance of Housing Board

  • For higher Education the Financial support of around 104 students (66 Females   &
  • 38 Males) have been provided for different degree programs such as Medical, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science etc.
  • Signed MOUs with different well knowns Educational institutions for discounts and scholarships support.
  • Conducting career counselling sessions with students on individual basis
  • Revisiting existing procedures, application forms etc., for better MIS and fast processing

Way forward of Housing Board

  • Engage more Educational Institutions for further support and facilitation of Community students
  • Planning to arrange conferences and workshops for career counselling and academic grooming of students.
  • Coordinate with different Memon Jamats for promotion of Higher Education within the Community
  • Develop team of dedicated Memon Professionals of different disciplines for mentoring and guidance of existing & new students.

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