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shoaib gazyani

Chairman APMF Memon Census


The estimated population of the Memon Community in Pakistan is about 2 million, but we do not have any proper demography of the community, therefore, APMF has decided to start a new project MEMON CENSUS.

Why a Census?

Just like we can’t survive without roads and bridges, the community doesn’t function well without an updated count of the population and its socioeconomic data.

APMF and its affiliated jamaats provide various services to the community, including education, health, employment, rehabilitation, marriage etc. These services need to be planned, and in such a way that they keep pace with the fast-changing patterns of modern life. Yet it is impossible to plan services for ‘invisible’ people.

What Can Memon Census Do?

  • Centralized Memon Database (CMD)
  • Exact Number of Individuals & Families
  • Age Group
  • Socio-economic status of each family
  • Residential Status of Memon Families
  • Educational Status of individuals
  • Employment Status
  • Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled workforce
  • Workforce
  • Status of Women
  • Gender ratio (males and females)

Benefits of Memon Census Data

  • Planning of infrastructure facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, and emergency services.
  • Proper utilization of skilled personnel and professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, architects, etc. for the benefit of the community
  • Educational Guidelines and Career Counselling after proper assessment of both the individual and the market requirements.
  • Bridging the gap between a skilled person and an employer
  • Future planning for the Memon Community by concerned welfare organizations, philanthropists, and visionaries.

Key Proposals for the successful implementation of the Memon Census Project

    • Joint efforts by all Memon welfare institutions, Memon Businesses, Memon Industrialists, Researchers, Scholars, Youth, Ladies
    • Universal Memon Identity Card (MIC) – to be insisted upon by all Memon Institutions, industrialists, businesses, supermarkets, doctors, clinics, hospitals, advocates, marriage halls, medical stores, fast foods, automobiles, departmental stores, educational institutions, etc. An appealing discount may be offered to serve this noble cause.
    • All Pakistan Memon Federation should instruct all its Member-Jamaats to make it compulsory to issue Universal Memon Identity Card (MIC)
    • Month-long Memon Data Collection Camp in the last quarter of 2023
      • Camps in Memon Schools, Hospitals, Market-places, Stock Exchange, Chamber of Commerce, Offices, Residential Areas, Marriage Halls, and Fruit and Vegetable Markets.
      • Sponsorship of Memon Census Project by various consumer product marketers like shampoos, detergents, cosmetics, soaps, confectionary,


    • Low-income families have been targeted in this study








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