All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Marriage Board MEMBERS

Nadeem Qadri
Mr. Ghulam Kasbati
Vice Chairman
Mr. Irfan Hunani

All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Marriage Board


The APMF Marriage Board is dedicated to helping out by providing money to support the first required marriage of daughters whose parents don’t have a lot of money, specifically in the Memon community. Each year, they deal with a large number of requests, making sure to keep the applicants’ family backgrounds private. The main goal is to give financial aid to buy the needed dowry and other items for the daughters, all while making sure to follow Islamic rules.


To review the verified applications from associated groups from all over Pakistan for the marriage of girls from the Memon community and provide financial assistance.
To provide guidance while considering the laws of the federation and Islamic regulations.


The Marriage Board holds monthly meetings in accordance with federation laws, ensuring the presence of board members, especially representatives from Karachi and Hyderabad. This ensures timely assistance to applicants and minimizes the distress faced by parents in fulfilling this significant obligation.

Way forward of Marriage Board

To make efforts to increase the assistance amount from time to time, considering current and future conditions and inflation.
To engage with benefactors and other community institutions, highlighting issues and establishing relationships.
To provide guidance for strengthening and fortifying marital relations

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