All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Health Board

Haroon Qassim Chairman Health Board
Mr. Haroon Qassim
Dr. Muahammad Ali
Vice Chairman
Shoaib Ghaziani Vice Chairman Heakth Board
Mr. Shoaib Ghaziani
In March 2023, the President of APMF Mr. Shabbir Haroon offered Mr. Haroon Qasim the chairmanship of the APMF Health Board, Alhamdulillah, he agreed and the new opening were started. Till September 2023, five meetings have been held so far under the leadership of Mr. Haroon Qasim. The special thing about these meetings is that the president of the federation Mr. Shabir Haroon and the Secretary General Mr. Umar Motlani also participated in almost all the meetings, due to which the morale of the members increased and the final decision was made quickly along with the ease of decision making. It started to happen.


Discount from Laboratories:

The majority of the community belongs to the middle class, but due to the current
inflation, it is in a position of “neither saying nor enduring” and Expensive treatment is
now becoming a scourge of society. In this regard, the board has achieved a major
milestone by securing a special (Non-Zakat) discount for all members of the Memon
community from various liberates who can avail of it by showing their Jamaat
membership card. This discount is in the range of thirty to seventy percent.

Memon Demographic Health Survey

In 2013, a survey of the Memon community under the leadership of Dr. Ghafar Baloo revealed some problems of the Memon community. According to the demographics of Pakistan, diarrhea is the leading cause of death among children. However, according to the Memon survey, the Memon community was not harmed by diarrhea. The Memon Federation is currently working on the Memon census, but a complete survey of the community’s health standards and habits has never been done, which is important at the time. Realizing this critical need, the Board has contracted PULSE, a reliable agency for the survey, under which the health demographic survey of the Memon community will be started in October and hopefully completed by March next year. In sha Allah

Hospital discount Convenor Mr. Saleem Hashim Kath,

In today’s era of inflation, meeting the necessities of life has also become
a difficult matter. If anybody go to the hospital even for a minor ailment,
they will get a bill of hundreds and sometimes thousands of rupees,
which is an additional burden on the middle class. Realizing this most
important need of the community, the Health Board has decided to issue the Memon
Health Insurance Card, in which by paying a few thousand per year, the whole family will
be able to get treatment in many hospitals through the insurance card. Discussions are
ongoing. It is hoped that this program will be started in November.

Awareness and training sessions Convenor Dr. Muhammad Ali

Caution is the guarantee of better health. In order to avoid disease, it is important to be aware of achieving better health. Keeping this in mind, the board has constituted a committee on a permanent basis under which health awareness programs and screening will be conducted every month.

  • Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening The first program under the awareness and screening program is being conducted on breast cancer. Screening will be done continuously from October to December through mobile clinics in the residential areas of the community and breast cancer awareness and screening will also be done in schools apart from Memon Federation and party offices. Screening and awareness programs will be conducted on some health topic every month

Health Expo Convenor Mr. Irfan Idress

Health is a blessing of Allah, this is an old proverb and its value is known more by those who are suffering from any chronic disease. It is the desire of the health board that the community remains healthy and in this regard, the health board has created several programs. Health Expo is also a part of the same series. In the health expo, all the experts related to medicine, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and paramedical teams should be brought together in one place to talk about achieving better health and learn ways to prevent these diseases from these experts and also conduct various screenings. The program is planned to be organized early next year. The program is launched as soon as the policy and planning are completed. Several programs of the Health Board are under consideration and are being worked on.


Overall, the Health Board has made significant progress in facilitating access to medical facilities for white-collar families and working to provide health care and awareness for better health in the community. The board has achieved a major milestone by securing special discounts from various laboratories for all members of the community. A survey of the community’s health standards and habits is also being conducted to address specific needs. The board is working towards providing discounts from hospitals and in planning to introduce Memon Health Insurance for affordable medical treatment. Awareness and training sessions on various health topics are being conducted regularly, with a focus on breast cancer and thalassemia prevention and screening. The board also has plans to organize a Health Expo to bring together medical experts and conduct screenings. Overall, the Health Board has shown dedication and commitment to improving healthcare services for the Memon Community

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